What is USCity?

USCity is the internet's oldest local business directory dating back quite some time ago. We offer the potential to create an appearance for your business on the internet by providing a clean, modern look to present your business's vital information to the appropriate audience.

What is Yext?

Yext is a partnering company that works alongside USCity by providing data to multiple business directories across the web. By choosing Yext you are opting in for a web-wide appearance all while having the ability to add enhanced content such as menus, calendars and even coupons!

How's it help me?

When USCity was created it had a goal to give the customer what they are looking for, up front, clearly, and easily... You as a business owner will have your information blasted in-front of millions of people looking for things that could potentially be your business. Get the picture?

How do I sign-up?

Now comes the fun part! To sign up take a peek below and compare what plans are available and which would pertain most closely to fit your business model. We have both USCity, and Yext opportunities. Both provide beneficial outcomes to get your business kick started online.

USCity offers your business a multitude of different possibilities when wanting to gain a presence online. You’re allowed to have any type of information related to your business you can imagine! Pictures, text, videos, even your most recent twitter feed can show up if you want. USCity brings the business owner into the picture and not just the visitor.

  • Search statistics
  • Full content control
  • Integrated reviews
  • Interactive maps
  • Photo gallery
  • User uploaded photos
  • Interactive content
  • Improved social presence
  • USCity.net premiere, coming soon.
  • Superb online presence

“USCity.net has made a substantial impact to my online presence in a positive way, my customers leave positive feedback and love sharing pictures!”

Robert Garner, Garner Enterprises LLC

“In a world dominated by technology, their exists no better way to gain popularity than a directory like USCity.”

Adam Shafer, Shafer Contracting
On a side note, we're an american business that absolutely hates outsourcing!

Yext is the premier online business listings solution. With Yext you can take control of your listings on USCity as well as 50+ other premium sites such as Yahoo!, Yelp, Facebook, and Bing. Do you know how you're listed across the internet? Find out instantly with a FREE Listings Scan from Yext!

  • Personalized support
  • Synchronized data
  • Enriched content
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • All in one updates
  • Tailored categories
  • Review monitoring
  • Precision searching
  • Email notifications
  • Event calendars
  • Guaranteed Presence

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